Rock Lock Guitar Security Device


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The Rock Lock is one of the first Anti-Theft devices for Guitarists. It is meant to prevent your guitar from being stolen by anchoring it to any fixed or heavy structure such as a kick drum or bass cabinet.

Padding:  The Rock Lock is overmolded with a food grade TPE soft resin with a strategic padding system minimizing contact with your guitar.  It is tested Nitro-Cellulose Safe.

Size:  The inside of The Rock Lock is 2-1/8" Wide and 7/8" tall.  This accommodates almost all 6 String standard Acoustic and Electric Guitars.  

Fit: This does NOT accommodate Flamenco, Nylon string, or Spanish guitars.  12 Strings and Basses may fit depending on the width of the neck.

Key Replacement:  Your key code is marked on each individual key as well as the insert card in the box.  Replacements are available by emailing

Cable:  4ft long x 3/32" Braided Steel Cable coated to the color of your preference  

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